Cindi H.

When you lose a loved one, all you want is to feel their loving arms around you. Rita’s wonderful memory quilts give you that feeling. Rita understands your grief and puts her love into every quilt she makes.

The comfort they bring when you wrap yourself in your quilt made from your loved ones favourite clothes is priceless. Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one but finding comfort in the warmth of a personal item helps ease the pain of loss.

The quilts are made with such quality they will become a family heirloom to cherish for years to come. I would recommend Rita’s quilts to everyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. I cannot express in words how much comfort our quilts have brought to my family. You are the best!

June 2020 / New Westminster, BC

Tammie D.

“Working with Rita to create a t-shirt memory quilt as a gift for my son’s graduation was so easy and fun. I supplied the shirts and she used her creativity and artistic flare to create, not just a quilt – a piece of art.”

April 2020 / Vancouver BC

Linda G.

I provided Rita with some clothing items after my father passed away. I wanted to make something special that incorporated his love for fishing.  With ease, she transformed my father’s items into a beautiful quilt with matching pillows. I was very happy with her workmanship and attention to detail. 

I was also impressed that she put me on a waiting list and actually contacted me several months later. I would recommend this company and found Rita to be professional and reliable.

March 2020 / Abbotsford, BC

Trish L.

Sadly, I lost my mom unexpectedly in 2017, and being a seamstress, she had a lot of materials and fabric that I did not want to see going to waste. My sister and I decided to donate it.  I called Rita and offered it to her, as I knew she would either use or find a home for it all and we felt good about the fact that we could share this gift from my mom.

Not realizing it when we donated the many boxes, my mom had some pieces of her Wedding Dress tucked within this fabric, and when Rita found it, she reached out to my partner and made a suggestion as a surprise to me as she knew how devastated I was at the sudden loss.  My partner was all in and managed to find for Rita what she needed to complete this memory quilt for me.  

Little did I know that Rita took this fabric which contained the bodice and beading that my grandmother had done in 1952 when she made this dress for her oldest daughter (my mom) to get married in. From my moms wedding photo, Rita recreated her wedding dress into a memory quilt, using this fabric and beading, along with the photo, my moms name, date of wedding and vows.  

When she presented this to me, the tears flowed as I was so surprised and touched by not only her thoughtfulness, but her skills, her workmanship, her imagination and the time and love she put into making this for me. It is on my wall and is one of my most treasured possessions. 

Forever grateful to have this piece of my mom with me daily.  Thank you Rita. 

July 2018 / Langley, BC

Bridget D.

As a passionate quilt lover (thanks grandma) I had been collecting t-shirts for the past 25+ years in hopes of one day having quilts made out of them. After my kids all flew the coop I decided to search for a quilt maker.  I had to research for a very long time to find Rita, other quilters did not want to commit to the task I was asking for.

I brought my boxes and boxes of t-shirts over, laid them all over her house and explained in great detail what I was looking for. One by one, Rita built them for me. I had a nostalgic quilt with some of my favorite t-shirts from high school, I had a quilt made out of all the country and western band t-shirts I collected going to all the concerts (this one turned out to be one of the largest quilts Rita has ever made at the time, so she told me), and many more.

The detail and thought she put into each one was beyond what I could have imagined. Her workmanship was impeccable! She gave me a timeline for each one and was on time or even early on some of them.

I have them displayed all over my home. The big one is used on my guest room bed and everyone who sees it has to tell me how beautiful it is. If you are looking for a quilt maker every stitch Rita sews is beautiful you will not be disappointed! 

April 2018 / Port Moody, BC

T-Shirt Quilts

Ralph S.

Rita is intent on making your personalized gift extra special. She created my bespoke gift with a quick turnaround time.

The baby quilt ended up being a beautiful piece of art integrated with lovely personal touches. The new family was over joyed receiving such a heartfelt gift.

I’m delighted with the quality and design of the quilt and so were my clients! I’ve been back several times already and Rita’s website is saved in my “Bookmarks”

April 2018 / North Vancouver, BC

Baby Quilts

Sydney L.

“Rita is the best! She did the most beautiful pillow for me. I recommend her 100% . She’s super creative and awesome! I couldn’t be happier with the pillow she made me. She went above and beyond!”

Here is the pillow I made for Sydney to give as a gift to her friend.

Coquitlam, BC
April 2017

Preet P.

“Looking to have a beautiful memory quilt? Rita is the best!! You can customize the size, color pattern, and have it unique to you. I love our quilt Rita. Thank you!”

Coquitlam, BC
March 2017

Kari L.

“Working with Rita was great. She did a beautiful job making my memory quilt, making it customized, and overall capturing the feeling of my mom. It is a treasured possession and filled with so many memories. I highly recommend Rita!”

St. Catherine’s, Ontario
Feb 2016

Calvin J.

“Rita is amazing. She made a huge 5′ x 5′ Quilt for our company. She was so creative and came up with the most creative design. A crossword puzzle with neat sayings on one side and our logo on the other. Then she went above and beyond by bringing the quilt to the office and having our staff sign the quilt.

We hand the “art work” proudly in our office now and it is a focal point for staff and customers to enjoy.

Rita is super talented, creative and an amazingly positive person to work with. I highly suggest working with her.”

Cheers, Calvin

Below is the quilt front hanging inside Lykki Office Supplies. But also take a look at the back…. this is where the staff all signed the quilt.

Coquitlam, BC
December 2015