Trish L.

Sadly, I lost my mom unexpectedly in 2017, and being a seamstress, she had a lot of materials and fabric that I did not want to see going to waste. My sister and I decided to donate it.  I called Rita and offered it to her, as I knew she would either use or find a home for it all and we felt good about the fact that we could share this gift from my mom.

Not realizing it when we donated the many boxes, my mom had some pieces of her Wedding Dress tucked within this fabric, and when Rita found it, she reached out to my partner and made a suggestion as a surprise to me as she knew how devastated I was at the sudden loss.  My partner was all in and managed to find for Rita what she needed to complete this memory quilt for me.  

Little did I know that Rita took this fabric which contained the bodice and beading that my grandmother had done in 1952 when she made this dress for her oldest daughter (my mom) to get married in. From my moms wedding photo, Rita recreated her wedding dress into a memory quilt, using this fabric and beading, along with the photo, my moms name, date of wedding and vows.  

When she presented this to me, the tears flowed as I was so surprised and touched by not only her thoughtfulness, but her skills, her workmanship, her imagination and the time and love she put into making this for me. It is on my wall and is one of my most treasured possessions. 

Forever grateful to have this piece of my mom with me daily.  Thank you Rita. 

July 2018 / Langley, BC