1) How long does it take to make a quilt?

It really depends upon the size. If you would like a lap size quilt – which is the most popular – then it would take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, a double or queen size 6 to 8 weeks, however if you would like a small wall hanging (say 30″ x 30″) it would only take a couple of weeks.

2) How much does it cost?

The pillows start at $65, quilts are all custom, so really hard to say. Honestly, you need to give me a call and have a brief chat with me to see what it is you actually want made and we can go from there. You’d be surprized what I can make work for your budget! However, this all being said, you can count on the quilts being upwards of $250, considering all the work involved.

3) Are there any “hidden” fees?

Shipping costs are extra, unless you live locally. If you live locally, KCQ will personally deliver your quilt to you if you are unable to pick it up. If you require shipping, then you can let us know how you would like it shipped and we will add it to the final price, or we can send it COD.

4) How does payment work?

Once an agreement is made to complete the work, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required. When the work is completed, the remaining is due before the quilt gets shipped out. KCQ accepts e-transfer, cash, PayPal. If you choose to pay by PayPal, a 3% charge will be added to cover fees.

5) What if I only want to get the photos printed on fabric from you (and make the quilt myself)?

That is no problem at all. We charge $10 per 8.5″ x 11″ fabric sheet. The shipping costs would be fair postage prices if you are not able to pick them up yourself.

6) Is it washable? How do I care for it?

If your quilt has photos on fabric, I would like to stress that it should be more of a display piece than something that gets handled regularly and would need washing. However, if you do need to wash a quilt with photos in it, I recommend only hand washing – and in cold water, if you must wash it at all. If you are purchasing a larger quilt that would be hard to hand wash (a twin size, for example), then you could put it in the washing machine, but please let me stress on a gentle cycle only, with no harsh detergents!! DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER; instead, lay it flat to air dry. I am not sure about dry cleaning it – I have never done that, nor have I heard of anyone else doing that, so I honestly cannot give an opinion on that one way or another.

It is okay to iron it afterwards – including the photos (- really!). If you have a wall hanging, naturally over time dust will settle on it, so I would recommend vacuuming it once in awhile with just the nozzle and a soft brush attachment (please don’t lay it on the floor and go over it like your vacuuming the carpet!). Also, try to avoid having your photo memory quilt in a place of constant direct sunlight, as the photos and fabric will eventually fade if subjected to UV light of any kind.

7) Is any of it done by hand?

I do as much work as I can by machine. Very rarely will there be hand work done. If there is hand work done, it will be reflected in the price as it is more time consuming.

8) I have some pictures I’d like to use, now what?

Great! If they are film photos, then they would need to be snail-mailed to me. If they are damaged in some way (scratched, folded, torn, discolored, etc), I am not able to “repair” them. However, there are many places where you can take them to to have them digitally repaired for a fee – usually it doesn’t cost too much. If you need help finding such a place, let me know and I will help you find one.

If the photos are digital, they can be emailed – but should be sent with the best quality (highest resolution) possible. This may mean you need to send them to me in multiple emails or use WeTransfer.com

9) How do I get my photo’s to you?

If they are film photo’s, they would need to be snail-mailed. If they are digital, they can be emailed. I do not, in any way, destroy your film photo’s. They are simply scanned onto my high quality equipment.

10) Do you “wreck” my photos – should I send you copies and not originals?

I do not destroy or wreck your photo’s. You will receive them back in the same condition they were sent to me. If you are still really concerned, for your own peace of mind, you may consider getting duplicates made and sending those ones to me.

11) How do I know what quilting design to use?

Typically, quilt designs are symmetrical (but don’t always have to be). If you have an idea, that’s a good place to start. If you don’t have a clue, then have a look at some of the samples I’ve made in the past – or Pinterest is always good, too! We also have some templates that you are welcome to look at, or we can brain storm until we find the perfect design for you! I am constantly looking for and saving design ideas that would look great made into a memory quilt.

12) What about color scheme?

That is up to you. I can help with suggestions, however. It’s a good idea to look at the photos or sentimental clothing you’d like included in your quilt and possibly draw some colors from there. Another thing to consider is the room the quilt be in most of the time, so it blends in well and looks to be part of the decor.

13) Who purchases the fabric?

I include the cost of the fabric in all the pricing.

14) What about embroidery?

Embroidery can be done for a reasonable cost of $10 per 5″ x 7″ hooping area (this simply means every time the fabric needs to be re-hooped, there will be a charge). There are countless designs that can be embroidered, as well as words/names/dates. Have a look at some of the samples on the Announcements page.

15) Do I get to see it during the construction phase?

Absolutely! Just let me know you would like this free option. I always take digital photos of your work and post them onto my social media to let others see what I am working on. I encourage you to follow me on Facebook. It is also a huge benefit if you comment on my social media about your project, share the post to your own page and/or tag your friends so they can see it, as well.

16) How does shipping work?

Once the quilt is complete, I will contact you. If you live locally, I can personally deliver the quilt to you – or you can come and pick it up. If you require shipping, then let me know how you would like it shipped and I will add that price to the final cost, or I can send it COD.