Bridget D.

As a passionate quilt lover (thanks grandma) I had been collecting t-shirts for the past 25+ years in hopes of one day having quilts made out of them. After my kids all flew the coop I decided to search for a quilt maker.  I had to research for a very long time to find Rita, other quilters did not want to commit to the task I was asking for.

I brought my boxes and boxes of t-shirts over, laid them all over her house and explained in great detail what I was looking for. One by one, Rita built them for me. I had a nostalgic quilt with some of my favorite t-shirts from high school, I had a quilt made out of all the country and western band t-shirts I collected going to all the concerts (this one turned out to be one of the largest quilts Rita has ever made at the time, so she told me), and many more.

The detail and thought she put into each one was beyond what I could have imagined. Her workmanship was impeccable! She gave me a timeline for each one and was on time or even early on some of them.

I have them displayed all over my home. The big one is used on my guest room bed and everyone who sees it has to tell me how beautiful it is. If you are looking for a quilt maker every stitch Rita sews is beautiful you will not be disappointed! 

April 2018 / Port Moody, BC

T-Shirt Quilts