Sue B.

“The responses to the quilts have been very positive. My mom was very impressed with how you were able to produce such a gorgeous quilt from the shirts. I could tell that she loved it and that it created many special memories.

The next day mom and I met my sister for lunch and it was there that we presented her with her quilt. At first she was puzzled; however, after a few moments we could see her reaction change as she began to realize that the beautiful collection of square were dad’s shirts. She was a little speechless. Her hand moved across the carefully quilted squares and she was quiet. It is a lot to take in and of course she was still in a state of surprise. Later that night she told me that it brought tears to her eyes that something so beautiful was created out of something so ordinary. This quilt will forever connect us to our dad’s memory.

I think he must be smiling and perhaps even laughing that his old shirts are now a quilt. He would want us to be happy and I know that it would give him great pleasure to know that his shirts and his memory will live on in this beautiful quilt for generations to come.

Both my sister and I enjoy snuggling under dad’s quilt. It is like a big hug.

PS….I Love my kool aid bag!”

Vancouver, BC
March 2013