Ann C.

“Hello Rita: The quilts arrived half an hour ago. Sean, Alana and I had just returned from dinner and were sitting talking when the doorbell rang. Didn’t think UPDS delivered this late. But they’re here and they’re amazing. Simply amazing. None of us could speak when we first opened them up. They’re so much more than we expected.

Sean was overwhelmed with his and has a story to tell about every panel in his quilt. I do too and the red in my quilt matches my couch perfectly. You did an outstanding job and I commend you in every sense of the word.

I took pictures of Sean and his quilt and me and mine. I’ll send them tomorrow but I wanted to get this off to you right away so you knew that they arrived and how absolutely blown away we are.

Thank you so very much. I’ll be spreading the word about your work. You’re a gem!”

(These are the quilts we made for Ann: T-shirt quilt 1, T-shirt quilt 2 and T-shirt quilt 3.)

St. Albert, Alberta
July 2014