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Have a look at some of my coverage...

The Weekender (June 2006)

5 Minute Radio Interview with Wayne & Jayne from All Hit KBS Radio (July 2006)

It's finally here for your viewing pleasure:
Shaw Television Interview (August 2006)
SHAW Community Channel...5 Minute Television Interview (8MB).
(It may take a few moments load, depending on how fast your internet connection is)

The Coquiltam NOW Newspaper (August 2006)

The Country Register (August 2006)

Castlegar News (August 2006)

Connections for Quilters Newsletter/Magazine (May 2007)

Kootenay Business Magazine (June 2007)

The Country Register (June 2007)

2 Minute Radio Interview on CBC Radio's Day Break South (June 2007)

The Weekender (August 2007)

The Vancouver Province (November 2010)

Ming Pao Chinese Newspaper (July 2012)

The Coquitlam NOW Newspaper (April 2013)

Rita Sheloff: Marketing Machine! (May 2013)

...And let's not forget about The Quilter's Last Will & Testament that every quilter should have!