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Gallery ~ T-shirt Quilts

Here are some examples of my work, click on the images to enlarge. They are in order from newest to oldest.

T-Shirt Quilt Don't mess with this lady! She's earned her Black Belt!! You can see how dedicated she was in getting to the top with all these shirts and backs of jackets during her training.

I even used the colored belts in she earned along her way in the training. Here's a photo of the side view to offer you a different perspective.
T-Shirt Quilt This t-shirt quilt is made from shirts of a lady who attended UBC (University of British Columbia). Her boyfriend contacted me to have this made for her - what a sweet guy!

It's a good size, too - measuring in at 63" x 76", it's pretty much a queen size quilt. The side view shows some of the border quilting I did to complete the look.
T-Shirt Quilt These next 2 quilts I really had to step out of my box for! I normally make my quilts very symmetrical and with sashing - I usually need to have uniformity. However these 2 quilts the customer wanted them to be a mish-mash with NO UNIFOMITY whatsoever.

It was good to get out of my comfort zone for a bit and really (I mean REALLY) challenge my brain - LOL! Needless to say, I had no idea how it was going to turn out - or even how big it was going to be - until it was all completed. It ended up being 61" x 77" and the customer and her daughter absolutely LOVED it!!
T-Shirt Quilt Again with the mish-mash of shirts and me stepping out of my comfort zone.

This one turned out to be 56" x 71"
Basketball T-Shirt Quilt Here's a quilt that is everything Basketball! This loving husband and father left behind a legacy of his beloved shirts from his favorite sport. He loved the game so much, he became a coach and helped many young players achieve their potential throughout his career. It only seemed fitting to have this quilt made in his honor.

A heart border seemed to tie this 64" x 77" quilt together, since he loved the sport so much.

School Theatre Production T-Shirt Quilt This was a High School Graduation gift...the recipient was in many school productions during her school years and mom kept all the shirts, knowing she wanted to have a quilt made one day.

It was presented to her upon her graduation as a wonderful way to remember her days of "back when..."

Roses were quilted in the border with pink variegated thread - which looks especially lovely against the black background. Measurements of this quilt are 50" x 63".

Mom's Clothing Quilt When your mom passes away, there is no one else that could ever take her place. The warmth of her love and hugs are so distant. The next best thing is wrap yourself up in a quilt made from her clothing. It's so very comforting to still be able to touch and feel the clothes that she often wore - imagining her dressed in them still in your minds eye.

That's what this quilt is about. Mom's shirts, jacket, bathrobe - even her pajamma's... they all make up this lovely, cozy quilt. A perfect size at 50" x 63" to snuggle in while in your favorite chair or on the couch. Finished off with butterflies quilted in variegated thread.

Various Shirt Quilt The following 3 quilts were made for the same lady, using her husbands's shirts. She also had 3 pillows made using 2 NY Yankee's jerseys and a Hawaiian shirt. You can see those here.

We used 15 shirts to make this 50" x 76" quilt.

I quilted the top and bottom border with hearts here and the side borders with leaves.
Various Shirt Quilt This quilt is all about concert shirts and the Seattle measures 50" x 63".

Various Shirt Quilt It might be hard to tell, bit this person was a NY Yankee's fan - LOL!

This really big quilt uses 20 shirts and measures 63" x 76".

Various Shirt Quilt The following 2 quilts were made for the same lady, using her son's shirts.

This 50" x 63" quilt is perfect for snuggling under to have a nap!

Check out the border quilting here.
Various Shirt Quilt This one also measures 50" x 63".

I did some leaf quilting in the border on this one.
Car Show Quilt This man loved his car shows and would always try to go to any he came across. Upon his passing, we were asked to use his beloved shirts to make this quilt and the 2 below...this is what we came up with. Here's a view of the border quilting.
Car Show Quilt Here's a view of the border quilting.
Car Show Quilt Here's a view of the border quilting.
High School Tennis Club This was made as a wedding gift for a special couple. The groom used to be part of helping coach the High School Tennis Club, so when his head coach was invited to the wedding, she thought it would be fitting to have a T-shirt quilt made up with all his past shirts! We think it's a fabulous way to for them to stay snuggly warm together, while talking about the "good 'ol days"!

Check out the border quilting here and the back label here.

This quilt measures 55" x 81" - which is pretty much a twin size.
Childhood Shirts Here's a quilt I made for a beautiful young lady not long out of high school. This turned out to be quite the big quilt (read: bigger than I normally make!) measuring in at 68" x 81", or basically a queen sized quilt. It also has the most amount of t-shirts I've ever used - I believe there were something like 37 different shirts used!! To make them all fit, we put the shirts with the smaller logos all around the outside border.

Have a look at the quilting we did around the top here and also a special dragonfly motif we did for her here. The dragonfly has a special meaning to her, so we really wanted to incorporate it in the quilt somewhere.
Jazz Band T-Shirt Quilt Made with all kinds of T-shirts from Jazz Band Festivals over the years, this 63" x 63" quilt was made to surprize a husband. Hubby is part of a band himself, and really enjoys attending these events - and of course collecting T-shirts from them! Continung on with the musical theme, of the quilt, we decided to extend it into the border where we added all kinds of musical notes.
Ironman T-Shirt Quilt This 50" x 63" t-shirt quilt was made for a very special (and athletic!) dad for Father's Day 2012. We used 12 shirts to make this quilt, cutting each one 12" square, then added sashing and a border. Check out the custom label we attached to the back of the quilt here. Click here to see a close up of some of the quilting.
Car Show Shirts Here's a T-shirt quilt we made for a car-buff using all (okay, most of...) his t-shirts from all the car shows he's been to or been in. His drawers were bursting at the hinges with all the shirts he owns when his wife came calling for me to make him a quilt with them. We backed it with a warm flannel as it still does get cool in the evenings and we want him to stay warm with all car shows he has coming up! By the way, we chose green as the sashing and border because that is the color of his beloved Fargo - we all agreed his quilt needed to match his car!
T-Shirt Quilt A lady came to me with an abundance of T-shirts and asked me to make them into a quilt. She had so many, in fact, that I also made a duvet cover for her out of the rest of them!
Triathlon T-Shirt Quilt This is a second Triathlon T-Shirt quilt we made for a wonderful repeat client of ours. You can probably guess in how great shape they are just form looking at the shirts we used - Ha! Ha! This quilt is pretty large (about a queen size) measuring 65" x 86". We used a red/black marbled fabric for the border and backing and did some decorative stitching using heavy black thread.
T-Shirt Quilt This person had so many T-Shirts from all the different Triathlons they had been in, and traveled across the country for, that their closet was, I'm sure, bursting at the seams! We took 31 of those T-Shirts and made them into a queen size quilt (66" x 90") for our customer to cherish. Now they can relive those fond memories on a daily basis, and they have more closet space - Ha! Ha!
T-Shirt Quilt Who wouldn't want a comfy a T-shirt quilt to cuddle up in?! This one is made up from all kinds of T-shirts to do with the recipients basketball and running career. This quilt is so soft and comfy - the perfect throw for over a couch, to lie on the floor with, or to pack with you on a picnic!

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