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Gallery ~ Pillows

Here are some examples of my work, click on the images to enlarge. They are in order from newest to oldest.

Sentimental Clothing Memory Pillow All the little hearts in this pillow are made from small bits of sentimental clothing. I arranged all those little hearts to take the shape of a big heart. These are all appliqued on by machine and then straight lines quilted around the outer edge of the heart to the edge of the pillow to give it some texture.

Custom Embroidered Pillow This customer of mine has a practise where she sees her own patients and helps them overcome some things that they may be feeling. She specifically asked for this play-on-words to be embroidered on this custom pillow.

You see, she oftens hears "I should have..." and the message she is trying to convey is that we need to stop beating ourselves up for things we "should have" done, but didn't. It's in the past. The only thing we can do now is work on the future.

Photo Memory Pillow I was recently asked to make this 20" pillow as a gift - my customer wanted to give this pillow to her friend.

You see, about a year before this customer asked me to make this for her, her friend's daughter (the girl in the bottom photo) passed away from a freak accident. But now, over a year later, this same friend also recently gave birth to the beautiful baby boy (in the top photo). She wanted to give her friend something to cherish and remind her that they will always both be in her heart.

Memory Pillow I have recently started making pillows like these, as some of my customers have requested them.

A more simple style pillow that uses the shirt as a whole, with a little patch stitched out on my embroidery machine and then sewn onto the front.
Photo Memory Pillow These 3 pillows were made from 2 ball jerseys and one Hawaiian shirt. He was a huge Yankees fan and making his 2 favorite jerseys into big, comfy 20" pillows was a great way for him to be remembered by. The jesery had patches on them...I carefully removed them from their original position and re-stitched them on so they could be part of the pillow.

The Hawaiian shirt also has special meaning because his wife has a matching dress from the same fabric. Can you imagine how cute they must've looked dressed clothing from the same fabrics?!
Photo Memory Pillow These next 2 pillows were made for the same customer as the previous 4, but were completed a couple months later. Her son had touched so many hearts in his short life, that she wanted to give back to those that made his life special.
Photo Memory Pillow Notice how in the photo, he is wearing the same shirt that we used in the pillow? It's the top strip :) It weas one of his favorite shirts!
Photo Memory Pillow This - and the next 4 pillows - were made for one customer who gave these as Christmas gifts in 2014. Her son fell ill and passed away earlier that year. It's still a very hard time for her, as I personally can attest to. We made these pillows using photos and sentimental clothing. The best part is that I used a button down shirt as the back of each pillow! Not only that, but each shirt has a breast pocket, so it would be nice to stuff a little momento in there to remind the person of their son :)

This pillow was made specially for his Dad. Here's the back of the pillow.
Photo Memory Pillow This pillow was made specially for his sister. Here's the back of the pillow.
Photo Memory Pillow This pillow was made specially for his brother. Here's the back of the pillow.
Photo Memory Pillow This pillow was made specially for my customer, his mom. Here's the back of the pillow.
Photo Memory Pillow This pillow was made specially for his mum's sister, his aunt. Here's the back of the pillow.
Missing Lexi Lexi was a beloved family pet who recently passed away (she sure looks adorable, doesn't she?!) Embellished with a flower in the center, this 20" pillow was fun to make! All around the outside border words were quilted...fetch, heal, sit, stay, wag, kiss, love, woof - you get the idea...
Wedding Dress Ring Bearer's Pillow This 12" square pillow was made from an old wedding dress! This person wanted us to cut up her old wedding dress to make a ring bearer's pillow for her son and new daughter-in-law's wedding. The top part of the pillow is where the bodice was, although we now placed satin behind the lace. We added a flange and used the bow that was in the back of the dress and placed it now in the front of the pillow, to drape down. Click here to see a close up of the pillow.
Pet Memorial Pillow Thinking back to being able to 'hug' something, I decided to make another 24" square pillow for my parents this past Christmas, who recently had to deal the passing of their beloved dog, Emma. Emma was 11 1/2 yrs old and had lived a good, happy and easy going life, but it's still so very hard when your pet, your best friend, passes away. They were going through a rough time, since Emma's passing was only a couple months before Christmas 2010. This is definitely a cherished possession of theirs!
Memory Pillow Here is a nice, big, hugable pillow made for a special daughter to remember her son by. The mom contacted me and asked me to make something that she could wrap her arms around and hug, so we decided on a very large pillow (24" x 24"). It was a big hit, as she was so surprized when she opened it up for Christmas!
Madeline's Mom This pillow was made for a sister. It has a photo of their mother in the center.
Family Generations This pillow actually has TWO photos on on the front of the kids at a young age, and one on the back of the same kids, now as adults! Click here to see the back side of the pillow. We put a zipper on the bottom of it for easy access to remove the pillow form, should the cover ever need to be cleaned.
Saying I Love You This 14" pillow is how one person expressed his love for his girlfriend. He had written a poem just for her (how romantic!) and wanted it to be on the pillow, along with a photo of the two of them. We came up with the idea to have the photo of them softly highlighted in the background of the poem, and as you can see, the result is stunning!
Missing Molly Mom's beloved kitty passed away shortly before Christmas 2007 and her young son came up with the idea of having a pillow made to give to her on Christmas morning. We were so awed and smitten that her elementary school aged son loved his mom so much that he wanted to do this for her, so we made time in our own busy schedule to get this 'last minute' project done just in time for Christmas morning gift giving!
Remembering Tami They were very close friends, so when one of them unexpectedly passed away, naturally the other was having a hard time. We made this 14" pillow to help comfort and remember the good times the two of them shared.
Memory Pillow This 14" pillow was for a birthday gift and shows 4 generations of the family.I got a sense of real closeness amongst the family members in the photo, so thought it appropriate to quilt the word "Love" joined together by hearts all around.
Mom & Daughters Pillow A wonderful mom and her two lovely daughters.....this beautiful 14" pillow is quilted with hearts all around, to lay on her bed so she can always feel the comfort and love of her daughters nearby.
Memory Pillow of Parrot A cushion like this is to cuddle when you can't be near the real thing! Pepe's owner is going to London, England (she currently lives in New Westminster, BC) for close to a year and will undoubtedly miss her beloved pet while she is away. What a great way to keep Pepe close to her heart...
Mother's Day Pillow What a special gift to get for Mother's Day! Mom will see the happy, glowing faces of her girls year round, as this cheery pillow will brighten any room.
Izzy's Photo Pillow Izzy is one of those cute little 'weiner dogs' that I always think are so cute! Her owners take her traveling in their motor home all the time, so she goes on alot of vacations - and has probably seen more sights than me. This special pillow will now be able to travel with them where ever they go. Notice the little dog bones we quilted?
Puppy Memory Pillow A beautiful pillow with a photo of a much looked-up-to sister and St. Bernard puppy! A perfect way to remember those special moments in our lives... We even quilted doggy paw prints all along the outside border. Click here to see them.
Kitty Memory Pillow What a great Mother's Day gift!! A 20" quilted pillow shows the generations of the family...son, grand-daughters and great grand-children, too! This exquisite keepsake is being sent to Switzerland by the family to give Mom/Grandma a very special Mother's Day present. We know she'll cherish it forever!
23 This customized 16" pillow is to show off Miss Muffet! Miss Muffet rules the roost, I'm told, so it's only befitting she is show cased on her own pillow! Even her photo portrays her as some form of hierarchy...

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