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Gallery ~ Pet Quilts

Here are some examples of my work, click on the images to enlarge. They are in order from newest to oldest.

Missing Oreo Oreo was a super cute, tiny little dog. One day she never made it home again and everyone that ever knew her was heartbroken. She loved to sit on your lap and be petted and loved - that's all she ever wanted. Some friends of Oreo's owner asked us to create something for her, and since we had just finished the above quilt it struck us that the same style, just hung differently, would be perfect. Oreo's owner was so incredibly happy to recieve this thoughtfult gift from her friends.
Dog Memorial Quilt This quilt was made for some very special people I happened to meet. I had to re-home my own 2 dogs just before we moved back to the coast in August 2010 and these lovely people responded to my ad. Turns out their own beloved dog recently passed away (from old age) and they were naturally quite upset. After some time had passed they responded to my ad and took one of my dogs to live with them. I know I made the right decision because I can see how happy my dog is now. I just wanted to give something back to them to say thank you for being such wonderful pet parents!
Buddy I made this as a special gift for the family above (with all the kids)for Christmas 2008. Just before Christmas their dog was hit and killed by an impaired driver. To make matters worse this was witnessed by the entire family as they were out for a winter time walk together. They were very happy to recieve this, my gift to them, on Christmas Eve.
Kitty Memory Quilt This little 'Lion' keeps great company and is the owner's Best Friend, so we made a 24" wall hanging with her in it. He gets her shaved every summer to help her with the heat, that's why she looks like a little 'lion' in the photo…
Emma's Photo Memory quilt Emma's favorite walks are along the beach on Boundary Bay, so what a great photo that was used! She has grown to be more than just a loving pet - she is a true member of the family. In fact, their owners don't think she even considers herself a dog, as she has no interest in other dogs and finds them more of a nuisance than anything else! This is one dog that surely thinks of itself as human...and her family wouldn't have it any other way!
Pet Memorial Quilt Sass is another pet that passed away and is deeply missed by her owners. I'm told people would call their answering machine (back before voice mail!) and leave messages so Sass could listen to them during the day while her owners were out at work. Okay - I admit it, it was me who called - but she was such a sweet dog!! This quilt measures 17" and the photo is 4".
Shelby's Quilt This is Shelby. The perfect purse-sized dog, she is completely content sitting in your arms all day being doted on! The quilt measures 14" square and the photo is 4".
Photo Quilt of Cole Cole is a fun-loving playful dog, as shown in these photos. This quilt measures 17" square with the photos being 4.5". This quilt could easily have another photo placed in the center or have a name embroidered there.
Meka in a Christmas Stocking Here is another adorable quilt of Meka - this time she was stuffed into a Christmas stocking! It measures 18" square and the photo is 6".
Meka in a Bucket This quilt is of Meka. The owner took this photo shortly after bringing her home when she was a mere sweet little puppy - there's no way she would fit into this bucket anymore! Note the dog bones and flowers quilted into it. It measures 18" square and the photo is 6".
Pet Memorial Quilt This is Annie - a beloved pet who passed away and is deeply missed by her owner. It measures 18" square and the photo is 6".

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