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Gallery ~ Announcement Quilts

Here are some examples of my work, click on the images to enlarge. They are in order from newest to oldest.

Retirement Quilt Lydia was one of those long time employees who worked for her company for over 41 years! When she decided it was her time to retire, her co-workers rallied for getting a memory quilt made for her. We machine embroidered her name on an angle and in the opposite direction, we embroidered the different departments she worked in. We added 4 "photos" - one of her at the top of the quilt and the other 3 were computer screen shots of charts she always had to fill in (we thought this was very creative!!). The rest of the quilt is filled in with themed fabrics of what she would like to do in her retirement years (things like gardening, traveling, going to the beach, etc). Click here to see a close up of the quilting.
Donnie & Monique's wedding Quilt I made this quilt as a wedding gift for my brother-in-law, Donnie, and his beautiful bride, Monique. I tried something different with this quilt - each block is embroidered with some hearts that have a word inside them. Words like Play, Honour, Laugh, Cherish, Respect, Hope, Treasure, Nurture, Love, Dream & Comfort. In the center block I appliqued a heart and embroidered their first names and the date of their wedding. On the back, I made an extra special label...I made a fabric envelope and printed out my personalized label on the special photo fabric I use after creating it on a Word document. I joined them together with a ribbon.
Charlotte's Quilt Remember the quilt I made for Sabine Anna, back on page 2 (6th one down) of this gallery? Well, she recently became a sister! So her new sibling, Charlotte Marion, needed a quilt then, too! This is what we created for her - now both girls have a special quilt they can call their own.
Stork with Twins This quilt was soooooo fun to make! I saw this design in one of Patrick Lose's books, but with only one baby. Since this quilt was for twins, I added a second baby and embroidered their names and birthdates on each of the bunting bags they are carried in. Click here to see a close up of the embroidery work by the babies.
A Canadian Quilt I had a wonderful lady call upon me from Michigan, USA to make a "Canadian Quilt" for her friends that just had a baby. She wanted the quilt to have some sort of fabric in it that depicted Canada. We chose a fabric that had the Canadian Flag printed all over it. This is the fabric you see in the butterfly wings! Very subtle, don't you think?! In the borders, we quilted the baby's name, birthdate, birth weight and birth time. Click here to see a close up of the border.
Birth Announcement Quilt Another beautiful birth announcement keepsake for your wall! This 32" x 32" quilt has a quilted border to resemble a weaving pattern. The center, showcase block is a Twisted Square design and the photo is 5 1/4" square. We have embroidered her name, date of birth, and weight in a fusia colored rayon (to add shine) thread.
Birth Announcement Quilt What a great keepsake this 20" square quilt makes! Put your new pride and joy's photo in the middle and surround it with his or her stat's. This quilt inlcudes baby's name, birthdate, time she came into this world, and her weight. The center photo is 5.5" square. To see more of the detailed quilting, click on my Media page and then on the Coquiltlam NOW Newspaper. It is featured in the photo that landed on the front page of that paper!

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