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Here are some examples of my work, click on the images to enlarge. They are in order from newest to oldest.

Memory Quilt This is a quilt made using baby's first year clothing. All those super cute outfits from when they were so little (because we all know kids grow like weeds - ha ha!). The 2 outfits in the middle are the most special so we kept them whole.

Embroidery was added inside a couple hearts with the childs name and stats of the day she was born.

Here's a close up of some of the embroidery. This quilt ended up being 49" x 49".
Memory Quilt Here's something SUPER special!! To say I was ecstatic to be part of a proposal surpise is an understatement! When this man called me up from Eastern Canada to say he wants to propose to his girlfriend by having a custuom quilt made - I was certainly up for the challenge.

The proposal took place on New Years Eve of 2016/17, where he took her out for the evening and when they came back home, she would see this "Propsal Quilt" laid out on the bed.

Have a look at the side view of this quilt, which shows off the quilting a little bit better. The letters were appliqued on and the heart border (which, if you know me - I just looove hearts!) was pieced using a new method I just found out about. This cozy quilt is the perfect size (44" x 63") to for her to snuggle up in as she lovingly admires her ring.
Memory Quilt Have you ever seen a quilt top made with baby clothes still intact? There was a photo that went viral on the web a few years ago and ever since I saw that I wanted to try and make one. My chance came along with this quilt - and look how awesome it turned out!!

These are all pieces of clothing from Gia's first year, and I'm sure will it become an heirloom.

This 61" x 73" quilt was so fun to make! I had to once again really step out of my box to make it though, as I prefer to be symetrical and uniform in my life. Side view is here.
Memory Quilt "Mom" was turning 90 and all the family generations got together to make her this specatular Memory Quilt. It has handprints from the youngest of the pack to people embellishing the quilt blocks with fabric, pearls, felt pieces to iron on transfers and patches! Each block is so unique and she was so incredibly surprized to recieve such a thoughtful and heartwarming gift.

This is a large quilt that measures 66" x 79" and is most definitely more of a show piece than an everyday quilt to use. A few of the blocks also have emboridery on them from my machine to fill in some of the spaces.

Check out the side view of it to see more details up close.
Memory Quilt This was fun to make - and I got to use my embroidery machine! There are 11 different embroideries on there, plus a saying my customer wanted on the quilt for her grandson to aways know..."My hope for you Sweet Grandson is an Angel always by your side."

This crib quilt is 35" x 48" is perfect for in the crib, as a playmat on the floor, keeping warm int he stroller or even hung in the wall. There are so many versatile uses for it.

Here's a side view of the quilt and of course we need to show off a photo of the baby with Grandma
Memory Quilt Here's a really interesting quilt! It's made from 3 silk scarves - 2 of which that were cut up and made into the 4 cornerstones.

The story behind this quilt is that these scarves belonged to a wonderful grandmother who lived in Germany. When she passed away, these scarves were part of what was given to her favorite granddaughter. Since she really wasn't a 'scarf person' she didn't know what to do with them. Insert her boyfriends mother!

The boyfriends mother contacted me and asked if I could somehow make them in to a quilt, giving me permission to cut them up any way I wanted to make it work. I just couldn't bare the thought of cutting up that really large center scarf, so used it as a whole. The quilt turned out bigger than I expected at 69" square, but will be sure to keep her warm and her grandmothers memories close for the rest of her life. Check out the side view and the border to see the quilting better.
Memory Quilt This is one of my favorite quilts that I have made. It was one where I didn't actually have much of a plan before I started...I more-or-less winged it as I went along. This is a prime example of how my creative process works at it's peak!

Before I even started, the only thing I knew was that I wanted some of the photos sitting on an angle and I wanted hearts. The quilt design took on a life of it own as I began working on it and this is the end result! This one measures 36" x 52".

Check out the side view to see the quilting better.
Crossword Puzzle Quilt As most of you know, I also work outside my home during the week. The place I work at is an office supply (+ more) company and I really do enjoy working there. The name of the business is called Lykki (pronounced LIE-kee) and means "happiness" in Danish. Actually, they changed their name in 2012 (from Costless Express) when they re-branded the company.

Anyways, in 2014, it was also their 25th year in business - so that sounded like a great opportunity to make them a quilt!! It was my first attempt at making a crossword quilt and I'm very pleased with the outcome! I added both company names, some of the items they sell, plus the names of the owner (Calvin) and his lovely wife (Sandy).

Check out the back view here and a close up of one of the signature blocks here where all the employees signed their names and/or wrote a little message.
Signature Baby Quilt Olivia is my little niece and she was born in October of 2013. I decided to make a Memory Quilt for her by getting members of her family and some of their close friends to create a block using fabric markers. I just love how it turned out!! A keepsake for her to cherish forever and ever. Here is a side view of the quilt.
Baby Quilt This is 49" x 49" quilt has 7 photos and was designed with a lot of input from my customer. She wanted the quilt to have some photos and some plain squares with only quilting in them. It was a gift for her nephew and the photos are from his first year. Here is a side view of the quilt, where you can see some of the quilting better.
Baby Quilt Here's another, very popular, type of quilt I made recently. A group of friends & family got together to create this masterpiece. They were all given some material and were told to "create something" - that's pretty much it! Here's what everyone's imagination came up with.

Want to see more of this quilt up close? Watch this quick 1:55 video to see more details.

This quilt idea would also be good for weddings, anniversaries, family reunions and even birthdays! Contact me for more info :)
Re-Built Quilt This is a quilt I just basically re-built. This was a fairly large quilt that was completely HAND STITCHED and if have a look on my Facebook page you can see in those later photos just how sad a shape it was in :( I looked hard for the best sections and worked with those.

I carefully hand unpicked the best I could, then cut with scissors and then squared everything up using my ruler and rotary cutter. From there I used my imagination to create this re-built quilt, keeping the chevron border theme the same as the original quilt. The rest of the quilt was using the Courthouse Steps Log Cabin block, but I wasn't able to incorporate that, so I just used the very best parts of the quilt that I could and it kind of created a new type of block that looks like there are hearts in each corner - at least according to what my my 6 year old daughter says, but I happen to agree with her :)

In the center I stitched moons & stars and a geometric design in the other blocks, with more stars and swirls in the outside border.
Creative Baby Quilt My 5th baby quilt like this - and I do believe I have it down to a science making these now - LOL! This one measures 39" x 46".

Here is a side view that allows you see the quilting of the border a bit better.
Creative Baby Quilt Yup - definitely spotting a trend here! These types of baby quilts to be given at the Baby Shower are certainly becoming a "must do"! Here's one more that was created by some loving friends and family to make a future heirloom. It measures 46" x 46" and has a hanging sleeve so it can be hung on the wall.

Here, you can see the quilt at a different angle - and here's a photo of the back label.
Creative Baby Quilt Okay, I think I'm spotting a trend going on here - LOL! It seems these type of have-your-guests-create-a-quilt-block parties are catching on!! This is another one of the same idea as the one directly underneath and 3 below. I have to say it is a lot of fun putting them together and quilting it :)

Here, you can see some of the border quilting we did.

This sweet little quilt measures 39" x 46".
Creative Baby Quilt Just as the quilt 2 below this one, we had the same lady contact us again to create another quilt for another new mom-to-be. We were honoured to have her contact us again so quickly!

This one was made in the same style and fashion as the previous one, but has slightly fewer squares, resulting in a meauresurement of 48" x 48".

Here's a close up view of some of some of the quilting we did.
Sentimental Clothing Quilt with photos This 48" x 55" memory quilt is made with the clothing from all four of Susan's children. We used 10 photos of the kids and placed them throughout the quilt. The squares that do not have a photo in the center have a piece of sentimental clothing, of which we picked a focal point to show off. The next "square" is also a piece of sentimental clothing. The third and final square is purchased cotton fabric in light & dark blues to tie the quilt all together, along with a think red inner border for a bit of contrast.

The back of this quilt is just as interesting! We used a pillow case that had panels on both the front and back - we cut them apart and used each side. The blue fabric on the back is actually part of a comforter that we unpicked the stitching and cut apart to fit in between the pillow case panels. As you can see the result is really something special! Here's a short video we made where you get up close to this quilt.
Creative Baby Quilt Check out this very creative idea for a baby quilt! A shower was to be hosted for mom to be and (secretly) all her friends were sent some co-ordinating fabric to make a small 5" block. With a total of 35 blocks, this sure made a really nice quilt! The block makers were allowed to let their imagination run free and do what ever they wanted. The result is this beautifully, creative baby quilt that will be cherished form many generations, I'm sure. But...with 35 people making all those blocks, it can be hard to remember who did what block - especially as the years go by. This is why we made a special label for the back and wrote everyones name below the block they made. Check out the video we made to show close up the detail work on this quilt.
Signature Quilt This 58" x 70" quilt was made to commemorate a 25th Anniversary of being in business for Hills Foods. (Incidentally, I also worked there for a couple years). We had all the staff and good friends and customers sign the quilt and then presented it to the owner of the company on the company's anniversary date of May 12, 2012. They were so surprised and will cherish their new quilt forever! Click here to see a close up of the embroidery.
Family Quilt This 50" x 50" quilt was made for one lucky Mother-in-law! Living down south in South Carolina, USA, we were asked to use the design from part of their flag - Palmetto Trees, so we placed those in 2 corners. To balance things out, we were given the other 2 corner photos of a seashell. The rest of the photos are of family members. The 17" center square was machine embroidered and then quilted. Click here to see a close up of the embroidery on the center panel.
Chicago Marathon Quilt Here's another original design we created for a pair of marathon runners. This 43" x 53" was commissioned by the son's mother and depicts the son on the right side of the quilt and his girlfriend on the left side. They each had to raise money for a charity in order to enter the Chicago Marathon, so they chose the Anti-Cruelty Society for pets. They each achieved their goal of $500 in donations, which shows on the top center of the quilt. We also included photos of each of them during and at the finish of the race, as well as their finish times. The center of the quilt is a T-shirt commemorating the marathon...we used the front and back of the shirt. Click here to see a close up of the quilting.
Jeans Pockets Quilt Here's a twin size quilt measuring 56" x 80" that we made for this person's teenage son. Being a mom, sometimes it's hard to donate old clothing - especially if it's in such good condition and has memories attached to it (probably more to mom than the child, though - LOL!).

This lady contacted us to make a quilt out of her son's old jeans - and wanted us to use as many pockets as possible. Most of the jeans were toddler sizes, so it was easy to do that! On the plain pieces of jeans we quilted a hand outline, and on the other pieces, we just quilted along the seams so it would go unnoticed. Yes, all the pockets are still functional and can be used to place things in! We loved this idea of a jeans quilt...very original idea!
Sylvia & Rory Here a 49" x 49" wall hanging that has 12 photos and the center square embroidered with the recipient's name + her husband. This was a birthday gift from her dad and she was not only very surprised, but thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift!! Click here to see a close up of the center embroidery.
Wedding Gift This couple met, fell in love and plan to be married! The middle photo is of Frankie, the dog - also a big part of the family! Mom had a specific design in mind when she contacted us and we made it happen for her - just as she asked. She wanted to surprize her son and future daughter-in-law with this special black and white quilt on thier big day. Lots of love to the bride and groom from all of us, here at KCQ!
A Memory Quilt for Grandma This 50" x 60" quilt was made for a super special Grandma. She lives part time with her family in MacKenzie, BC and heads south to the warmth when the snow flies (I can't say I blame her after living in some serious snow country myself for several years - LOL!). Her family got together and had this beautiful quilt made for her for Christmas 2010. She may not need it down south right now, but it will surely keep her heart warm and cozy! Click here to see the quilting close up.
Family Gatherings This is quilt made for Mom of her family. She is recently moving from Kelowna to Castlegar and one of her daughters wanted to have this made for her. Mom loves having all kinds of family around her, so the photo's that were chosen depicted all kinds of her loving family together. Click here to see a close up of the quilting.
World's Greatest Baba This quilt was made for "The World's Best Baba"! A Grandmother who is truly loved by her grandchildren. What a great photo for it, too - all the grandchildren were able to get in the picture. I'm sure this will be treasured forever...
My Wedding Quilt I love this quilt! Perhaps because it's actually one I made for myself to keep - LOL! For our wedding, I everyone sign a quilt block instead of a guest book, then I took all those blocks and sewed them together to make this __" x __" quilt. We use this quilt all year long - in the summer for picnics and in the cooler months to keep us warm as we're watching TV. Here's a view of the back... I had 9 extra blocks so I used them on the back and instead of setting them on point (like the front), I set them normally and in the center. Here is my favorite saying on this quilt, written by my friend Lana.
Grandchildren Memory Quilt Here is a small wall hanging (23" square) made for Grandma for all the nice things she's done. Given as a 'Thank You' gift, I'm sure she will treasure it forever!
Twisted Squares Our ever popular Twisted Squares makes an apprearance once again! This quilt was made for a step-son on the upcoming birth of his new child. They wanted photos of the step-son as a baby all the way to Graduation to compare alongside with the new baby boy as he grows up. Click here to see some of the quilting we we did on this quilt.
Wedding Quilt This 22" x 22" quilt depicts a love story of a wonderful sister and her fiance. Now newly married, this quilt was presented to them as wedding gift in August and hung at the reception for all to see.
Remembering her Childhood This sweet little girl is actually mom from the pillow above, when she was just a 'wee-one'. We retouched the photo to fix the scratches, folds and marks over time and used the same fabrics to make a nice matching set to compliment her decor. It measures 13.5" x 14.5" and is also quilted with hearts and loops.
Mom, Dad & the Kids This was made as a very special birthday gift from a mom to her daughter, using a wedding photo and one of her 3 children. We used the square-in-the-square design and did a meandering stitch in all the white areas. We quilted a loving hearts in the outside blue border to complete this family unit quilt.

As 'mom' put it....
"She LOVED it (what's there not to love about it?!) - and it was a real surprise & a very special gift for her. She has chosen a spot for it in her dining room where others can admire it."
Grandmother's Memory Quilt This is a very special quilt for Grandma of her very special Grand-daughter. Both of their favorite colors are red and yellow, so we used those and accented it with navy blue. Each photo is 6" with a 1" border around it. We quilted a flower design surrounding each photo and then did a nice border using red and yellow varigated thread. The thread we chose and border design looks gorgeous on the dark fabric! This 52" x 52" quilt is sure to keep Grandma warm as she can snuggle up in it quite easily!
Friends & Sisters Memory Quilt Our customer wanted to have something extra special made for her sister, so we came up with this "Friends & Sisters" design. We used machine embroidery to write each of those words and the center photo is a favorite of both siblings, taken many moons ago. This 32" x 32" quilt includes many different types of free motion quilting.
Grandmother's Photo Quilt Here is wonderful "Grandmothers Quilt".....all the children in the family are pictured on this beautiful quilt - a definite keepsake! As you can see, this is the same design as my first, original memory quilt - only the colors are different. We increased the size of the center photo to 4" (from 3" in that first quilt) and that, in turn, made the whole quilt quite a bit larger! The new dimensions are now 65" X 53" and I would say this is a large throw quilt....perfect for snuggling up in on those cool winter nights ahead!

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