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This is what our customers are saying...

"Rita is the best! She did the most beautiful pillow for me. I recommend her 100% . She's super creative and awesome! I couldn't be happier with the pillow she made me. She went above and beyond!"

Here is the pillow I made for Sydney to give as a gift to her friend.

Sydney L.
Coquitlam, BC
April 2017

"Looking to have a beautiful memory quilt? Rita is the best!! You can customize the size, color pattern, and have it unique to you. I love our quilt Rita. Thank you."

Here is Preet's quilt.

Preet P.
Coquitlam, BC
March 2017

"Working with Rita was great. She did a beautiful job making my memory quilt, making it customized, and overall capturing the feeling of my mom. It is a treasured possession and filled with so many memories. I highly recommend Rita!"

Here is Kari's quilt.

Kari L.
St. Catherine's, Ontario
Feb 2016

"Rita is amazing. She made a huge 5' x 5' Quilt for our company. She was so creative and came up with the most creative design. A crossword puzzle with neat sayings on one side and our logo on the other. Then she went above and beyond by bringing the quilt to the office and having our staff sign the quilt.

We hand the "art work" proudly in our office now and it is a focal point for staff and customers to enjoy.

Rita is super talented, creative and an amazingly positive person to work with. I highly suggest working with her."

Cheers, Calvin

Here is the quilt front hanging inside Lykki Office Supplies. But also take a look at the back....this is where the staff all signed the quilt.

Calvin J.
Coquitlam, BC
December 2015

"Hello Rita: The quilts arrived half an hour ago. Sean, Alana and I had just returned from dinner and were sitting talking when the door bell rang. Didn't think UPDS delivered this late. But they're here and they're amazing. Simply amazing. None of us could speak when we first opened them up. They're so much more than we expected.

Sean was overwhelmed with his and has a story to tell about every panel in his quilt. I do too and the red in my quilt matches my couch perfectly. You did an outstanding job and I commend you in every sense of the word.

I took pictures of Sean and his quilt and me and mine. I'll send them tomorrow but I wanted to get this off to you right away so you knew that they arrived and how absolutely blown away we are.

Thank you so very much. I'll be spreading the word about your work. You're a gem!"

(These are the quilts we made for Ann: T-shirt quilt 1, T-shirt quilt 2 and T-shirt quilt 3).

Ann C.
St. Albert, Alberta
July 2014

"Rita helped me to give my husband a very memorable birthday gift. I provided Rita with my husband's shabby, ripped and very aged baby blanket and she was able to re-create it into a beautiful new quilt using pieces of the original blanket. The best part was that we gave birth to a baby boy the same month as my husband's birthday, so we are now able to hang the quilt in our son's room. Rita made sure to ask what colors we were planning on using in our son's room, and without giving her any real direction she was able to use her creativity and experience to create a quilt that kept the originality of my husband's blanket, while adding modern designs and colors to create the perfect keepsake. We now have a momentum to pass down to our son and we truly cherish the work Rita did."

Kristina C.
Vancouver, BC
March 2014

(These are the quilts we made for Sue: Purple border and Blue border).

"The responses to the quilts have been very positive (Click on the colors to see the 2 quilts: My mom was very impressed with how you were able to produce such a gorgeous quilt from the shirts. I could tell that she loved it and that it created many special memories.

The next day mom and I met my sister for lunch and it was there that we presented her with her quilt. At first she was puzzled; however, after a few moments we could see her reaction change as she began to realize that the beautiful collection of square were dad's shirts. She was a little speechless. Her hand moved across the carefully quilted squares and she was quiet. It is a lot to take in and of course she was still in a state of surprise. Later that night she told me that it brought tears to her eyes that something so beautiful was created out of something so ordinary. This quilt will forever connect us to our dad's memory.

I think he must be smiling and perhaps even laughing that his old shirts are now a quilt. He would want us to be happy and I know that it would give him great pleasure to know that his shirts and his memory will live on in this beautiful quilt for generations to come.

Both my sister and I enjoy snuggling under dad's quilt. It is like a big hug.

PS....I Love my kool aid bag!"

Sue B.
Vancouver, BC
March 2013

"You know Rita, the more I look at the quilt the more I love it. And that's saying a lot since I loved it right from the start! Thank you again so much for making me such a wonderful memory quilt!"

Then, she wrote me again to say this:
"The memory quilt Rita made for me was so beautiful. She made sure she understood how I envisioned the final product and made a change mid-stream to accommodate me. Rita creates a high quality product, one that will last a lifetime. I absolutely love my quilt!!"

Susan L.
Richmond, BC
January 2013

"Thanks, Rita, for the wonderful quilt! It was a great way to display all the race t-shirts that were hidden under our bed. It was the perfect Father's Day present!"

Sian T.
Vancouver, BC
June 2012

We created a signature quilt for Mark & Tina, where we gathered 80+ signatures!

"I am still pinching myself when I look at that wonderful quilt you created (with a tremendous amount of input from others to fill the blanks) and looking now at every stitch and all the work that went into it. Unbelievable! I am truly thankful. Thank you so much!"

Mark & Tina H.
Coquitlam, BC
May 2012

"I gave it (the quilt) to Elaine and she started crying, which started me crying, and so on and so on until the whole family was crying...happy tears of course! I'd love to use you again for another memory quilt and possibly a quilt made of my old sentimental shirts if you wouldn't mind keeping me as a customer! I just love how this one came out, and the customer service was pretty good as well! Thank you again!"

UPDATE (a few weeks later...): Elaine has shown the quilt to all her friends and everyone loves it...she still tears up when she talks about it. She also has some friends in a quilting group and when she brought it to show them, they told her that it was of the highest quality. It is truely the greatest gift we could have given her and it means so much to her. Thank you so much Rita!

Click here to see Elaine admiring her new quilt.

Michelle S.
Summerville, South carolina, USA
March 2012

"I received the quilt today and it is beautiful. What a great job you did - such quality work. Thank you so much for this - it was worth the wait and will be treasured forever! They (her son & daughter-in-law) absolutely loved the quilt. My son has seen picture quilts before, but said they just look like pictures on fabric. He thought this was MUCH better craftsmanship (believe me, he is not one to normally notice such things)! They also loved the layout of the pictures. It is a beautiful quilt and they love it - great memories. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. The quality is unbelievable and the thought that went into it seemed as if it meant as much to you, as it does to them."

Betty W.
Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
March 2012

"I love dogs and have always had one of my own. As we all know, there will be a day our pets will leave us. I just recently lost my 11 1/2 year old Rottweiler Emma, my best friend. Then, (my step daughter) Rita surprised me with this beautiful memory pillow! Every time when I look at the pillow or have it in my arms, I feel as if my darling Emma is there with me. What a heart warming gift especially for someone, who has lost a pet. I just love it!"

Click here to see Johanna with her quilt.

Johanna G.
Tsawwassen, BC, Canada
January 2011

"The cushion Rita quilted in memory of my beautiful son, Edward, is very comforting for me. Many thanks to you Rita."

Click here to see Susan with her Memory Pillow.

Surrey, BC, Canada
December 2010

"The quilt for Charlotte is lovely. I'm delighted to have one for each of the girls now. You do very nice work. Thanks so much"

Click here to see Charlotte with her quilt.

Sarah W.
Saskatoon ,Saskatchwan, Canada
February 2009

"I love my “Memory Quilt”. Rita Sheloff came into my life after I lost my 37 yr old daughter, Tammy in November 2007. Tammy’s friends commissioned Rita to make a Memory Quilt of her for me and my husband. I found Rita to be professional and the workmanship outstanding. The picture of the quilt does not do it justice. What a treasured keepsake to be passed on to family members."

Click here to see Madeline with her quilt of Tammy

Madeline H.
Kelowna, BC, Canada
May 2008

"I had a pieced top ready to be quilted. I left the quilting design to Rita's imagination - and am absolutely delighted with the pattern she chose! (So is the recipient of the lap quilt). Thank you!"

Joanne B.
Rossland, BC, Canada
January 2008

"(I am) very happy with the quality of work - the quilting design was perfect for the quilt."

Barbara P.
Trail, BC, Canada
January 2008

"The Triathlon T-shirt Collection Quilt Triathlon T-shirt Collection Quilt has now become a conversation piece with all our friends. We still have approximately 90 shirts left and will be sending them for more quilts. Thanks!"

Jim L.
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
December 2007

"Absolutely delighted with the finished product as well as the service!"

Joanne B.
Rossland, BC, Canada
August 2007

Once again your talents have made someone in my life extremely happy. The retirement gift of a cushion with a picture of my colleague's pet parrot didn't simply go over great - she was thrilled! She is moving to London for a year and can't take Pepe with her, so how appropriate that she has him with her in the form of a cushion. I've received e-mails from 4 other colleagues, ranting about your talents and my innovative idea. I'm sure you'll hear from them yourself.

You'll remain my favorite on-line shopping 'store'. I'm already compiling my Christmas shopping list.

Again, thank you so much for your excellent, speedy work and I look forward to having more gifts done for my family and friends. It's a hit!

Linda M.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 2007

"I was very happy (with the pillow) and I intend on having more work done. It is beautiful work!"

Iris G.
Castlegar, BC, Canada
February 2007

"The memory quilt I had made was for my eldest daughter's 29th Birthday. She is married with 3 children, so I wanted something that she would have the rest of her life and could pass down. When I contacted Rita, and mentioned to her what I wanted, she was very helpful in finding the exact fabric colors that I was looking for and produced a product that was far beyond my expectations! I was also amazed at how quickly it was completed. I am a sewer myself, but I do not quilt, so I know just how much work and love went into this piece! I will be recommending her highly to everyone who may want something unique and extraordinary. I'm sure I will be calling on her again for another special memory quilt.

Click here to see Chandra with her quilt

Linda K.
Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
February 2007

"I am thrilled with the 2 memory cushions you recently made for me. My mother-in-law in Switzerland will be so surprised with her memory pillow with pictures of her son, granddaughters, and great grandsons. I know she'll shed some happy tears on Mothers Day. Not surprisingly, you can expect at least 2 orders - 1 for cushions and 1 for a quilt. My niece wants to have cushions for her Mom and mother-in-law and as soon as I can round up the appropriate photos , I'll be ordering a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law. They love the idea and your work. I'm not sure if you have gift certificates/coupons for sale but if you do, I would like 4 $25.00 ones.

Many thanks again for the wonderful cushions. Your work is very professional and fast! I gush to everyone about you. What a special and unique gift idea to share."

Linda M.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
February 2007

"Anyone that wants a quilt made - talk to Rita! Tell her what you want and she'll complete it for you! She's a wonderful seamstress!!" (Linda dropped off a bin full of T-shirts and asked us to make a quilt out of them for her.)

Linda B.
Castlegar, BC, Canada
January 2007

"The quality of your work is outstanding! The quilt is so beautiful - I loved it, and so did my sister."

Jan W.
Nelson, BC, Canada
January 2007

"We're delighted with (Sabine's) quilt - it's beautiful! It was a gift from my cousin Mike and his wife Marilyn. Sabine was watching intently as I unwrapped it. She's really taken with other babies and she gave a big grin when she saw the picture on the quilt - not recognizing herself quite yet! It was neat to see her grin as soon as I unfolded the quilt."

Click here and here to see Sabine with her quilt

Sarah W.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
December 2006

"I was impressed with the professionalism of service, and the quality of workmanship is second to none!"

"When the time comes again that I need a unique keepsake as a gift for someone, or a memorial quilt for myself, I know who I'll be calling! When I looked at Sabine's quilt (baby birth announcement quilt), I could feel the love and attention to detail that you gave this project. It's a very special gift that you have, and that you share with others. I wish you all the continued success that I know will come your way!"

Marilyn M.
Bowen Island, BC, Canada
December 2006

"I have displayed the quilts in my home and have already been asked for a brochure (from Kootenay Custom Quilting). Everyone that sees the quilts say it is a unique craft and they admire the workmanship."

Marjorie T.
Chilliwack, BC, Canada
November 2006

"We would recommend Kootenay Custom Quilting to everyone! We are very pleased with our Heritage Quilt! Thank you so very much, Rita. You are so great!!"

Bill and Deborah S.
Salmo, BC, Canada
October 2006

"I absolutely love the quilt! It's amazing how you were able to capture Heidi like that on fabric. We hung it on the wall in a common area where we can see it everyday. The quilt completely brightens up the room and people are astounded when they see it! It's so beautiful…I'll be getting one for all of my future children!"

Click here to see Heidi with her quilt

Kim M.
San Mateo, California, USA
September 2006