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Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you just need to roll with them - and it's HOW you roll with them that matters and helps define you as a person. You see, recently my husband and I separated. It was a bit of shock when he first said those words, but in reality it was a long time coming. I have done a lot of thinking, meditating and taking time for myself to rethink my whole life going forward and I truly feel in a better place right now.

Sometimes the universe makes things happen to you because you are ignoring the warning signs it is trying to give you - and let's face it, change is often uncomfortable. So I kinda like to look at this change in my life as a blessing in disguise, which also goes along with my beliefs of being optimistic (a glass half full kind of person). I always try to see the positive in a situation. If things in life don't go as you planned, at least you probably learned something along the way, right?

As for my daughter, she is now almost 12 and is growing into a beautiful, bright young lady. She is my joy and sunshine and I love doing things with her. We laugh and have fun together all the time. She really is my mini-me!! My son, now age 24, has grown up into a handsome young man. I am a very proud mama of him - he has become everything I ever wanted him to be - caring, loving, realistic, good ethics and even a hint of some entrepreneurial tendencies. He actually moved back to Castlegar in 2018 because he missed it so much there! I just feel sad that he's so far away now from me - it makes visits with him that much more important with him.

With this all being said, I will be focusing a lot more on this business. I do still have a bit of a waiting list, but I feel I'll be able to work more diligently to get through it and accept more clients as time goes by. I still love quilting so much and continue to find it as a welcome escape and form of quiet therapy. So please contact me if you'd like me to make you your very own Memory Quilt.

Read what some of our customers are saying about us:

"...I've talked to a few people but to be quite honest, I really only trust your work :) You look like you have alot of experience and could make a really nice memory quilt for my son."

"...You definitely put your heart into your quilts. I love the memory quilt you made for me. I see it every day and think about how wonderful you were at listening and understanding what was important to me and making the perfect quilt!"

"...impressed with the professionalism of service, and the quality of workmanship is second to none!..."

"...I could feel the love and attention to detail that you gave this project..."

"...was very helpful in finding the exact fabric colors that I was looking for and produced a product that was far beyond my expectations!"

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Rita Sheloff

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